Michael Milo - Posted on April 14, 2019, 8:29 p.m.

Hiding Shows with Music

There are a variety of scholarly opinions on the permissibility of listening to nasheeds that have been created using musical instruments.

National religious bodies in Muslim countries have issued differing verdicts often informed by the type of nasheeds, the purpose of the nasheed or piece of music, cultural and religious contexts.

As we all know most TV shows and movies are filled with soundtracks created with musical instruments, no matter what country of origin. This includes most children's programming.

Muslim Kids TV policy on musical instruments is as follows:

Muslim Kids TV original program's soundtracks are developed using voice and percussion only. We seek to promote creative exploration in the development of content so we do not put any additional constraints on the composers we work with. For the most part we allow the use of special effects.

Muslim Kids TV licenses video content from TV producers from around the world. We select this content based upon the religious, moral, educational and cultural values. Whenever it is available we ask these producers to provide a mix of the TV series without instruments. In most cases this is not possible and we receive the TV series with the soundtrack as it was originally developed by the show producer. 

Preference Setting to Hide Shows with Music

Muslim Kids TV appreciates and respects the views of the parents who believe that the soundtracks of children's shows should not contain musical instruments. As such we have added a preference setting under the parents profile to hide the shows that have musical instuments.

To take advantage of these settings follow these simple steps:

1) Log into your account and select My Profile

2) Select the preference setting to Hide shows with music be sure to SAVE CHANGES

The discussion of musical instrumentation brings into focus the importance of building a media industry that is more reflective of Muslim values and beliefs. We hope that you encourage your family and friends to support efforts like Muslim Kids TV in the most generous manner so that more programs can be developed.

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