What is Muslim Kids TV?

Enjoy this wonderful interactive platform for kids!

Watch our live streaming TV or play 100's of video games.
Plus you get 1000's educational resources.


Enrichment for every child

Kids spend 7 hours a day with their devices. Let's not waste this time. Let's make screen time = deen time.

An excellent way to learn English

Your children will improve their English with language instruction videos and games.

Safe from the dangers of the internet

The Internet is a dangerous place. Keep your children safe with Muslim Kids TV.

Available on Web, iOS, Android and Android TV

"Muslim Kids TV is a unique pioneer in the field of Islamic entertainment for children."

Shk. Navaid Aziz

"I urge everyone to encourage their schools, centres and families to subscribe to this very worthwhile project, so to provide sufficient resources for its success."

Dr. Jamal Badawi

"It's amazing having one website for everything my kids need. This is all safe material, its enriching content that improves our kids manners and understanding"

Sh. Omar Suleiman

What we can do for you

As a parent you no longer need to worry about what your children are seeing on other sites. You can trust Muslim Kids TV to provide only the highest quality values-based programs that keep children safe and help them grow.

"I am very much inspired by your program. It is a very good initiative and much more needed at this time."

Waqar Shahid

"My Son loves your website and picnic of poems. Jazakhallahukhayran, He wants to do more challenges in the create and share page."

Umm E Moosa

"Masha Allah, thank you for this site. I am a revert and I am frustrated to find Islamic equivalents that can complete with the rest of what is available to children."

Sarah Kofke-Egger