Flordeliza Dayrit - Posted on Sept. 10, 2018, 3:42 p.m.

On your TV

Currently there are few options available.
1)     Android App Chromecast – our android app has the ability to Chromecast to a TV. Once you take you’re your membership you can download the app from Google Play store (see detailed instructions attached for casting) -
2)     Android Smart TV app – if you have a TV that can access the Google Play store you can download the Muslim Kids TV app that is optimized for TV -
3)     Other Smart TV brands – Muslim Kids TV is available on several other major brands including Haier, TCL, Konka, etc. Please search your TV app store for our app.
4)     Google Chromecast – you can send the Muslim Kids TV website to your TV using the Chrome browser with the Google Chromecast dongle – see the following link
5)     If your Smart TV has a web browser your can simply visit www.MuslimKids.TV to access the website on your Smart TV browser.

6)    For regular tv please use HDMI cable to connect your computer to your tv.

Dont forget to check out the Muslim Kids TV Apps:

Did you know that with your subscription, you get up to 4 accounts?  Parent account and three kids accounts.  You can add more for additional fee.  Please go to MY PROFILE PAGE to add accounts.