Sakinah Circle - Posted on Dec. 9, 2014, 4:26 p.m.

Getting Creative with Sakinah Circle

Creativity is an essential part of the healthy development of children.

Fostering a creative mind allows us to see the world from many angles; solve problems through multiple unique solutions; and generally live a productive and fulfilled life.

Children should be given every opportunity to test their own creativity. Art has always been one area where children can do this and explore various ways to solve a problem. The skills learned through a good artistic challenge will be training children to use this creative thinking in other aspects of life. This creative problem solving can be applied to scientific research, engineering and medicine. It can also be applied to any aspect of life.

Sakinah Circle is a full time program that is part of the Edmonton Public School system in Canada. It has an excellent art program. The challenges stretch students' imaginations as well as their technical skills.

Here are some examples of the excellent work.

Starry Nights

This project examines the artwork of the famous 20th century painter Vincent VanGogh. Known for the poetic rendering of the visual world, students were asked to also think of the art as not simply representing a factual depiction of the visual space.

Nourishing our Hearts

 The heart is the centre of our feelings and emotions. So what better theme for students to explore in an excersie on the expressive potential of repeatative pattern, shapes and color.


Stepping Outside the Box

There are no prohibitions in Islam about being creative or celebrating the beautiful. So why not push the limits of your own creativity or the art program in your school? If you have any art projects you would like to share, comment below!