Michael Milo - Posted on April 24, 2019, 8:21 p.m.

Enjoy Muslim Kids TV for FREE!!!

Would you like to watch Muslim Kids TV for FREE and get the reward of spreading knowledge?

Imagine if one child's life and future are saved because they fell in love with Islam instead of going astray! You can spread such love of Islam by referring your friends and family to Muslim Kids TV and at the same time earn a FREE month for every referral.  

So how do you refer your friends and family? 

1) When you sign up for Muslim Kids TV on web, you will be given a special referral code.

2) This code appears after you complete your registration and it looks like this:

3) Simply copy the code and share it with your family and friends. You can share it via email or post it on your social media pages. 

4) Every time someone signs up and gets charged for their first month, your account is automatically credited for 1 free month. Sign up 12 people and you get a free year!

You can also find the referral code on your profile page.

1) Log into your account and select My Profile...

2) Scroll to the lower part of the page to see your referral code.

3) Copy and paste the code and share via email and social media!


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Someone used my coupon code and I was still charge for this month?

For the free month to be applied the person you referred must pay for at least one month. Your free month will not be applied until that person’s 14 Day FREE Trial on sign up is completed.

2) I can’t find the referral code on my membership page.

If there is no coupon code on that page it means you signed up via Google Play or Apple App store or other Muslim Kids TV partners. These partners do not allow such referral programs.

3) How do I know the FREE month is applied.

There is NO notifications sent to you. Just watch your credit card statement. No charge will be applied for your regular monthly payment.

4) I have an Annual Membership, how will my  FREE months be applied?

Your FREE months will extend your annual membership.