Flordeliza Dayrit - Posted on Oct. 15, 2017, 11:24 a.m.

Rubbish Rescue

Rubbish Rescue

Rubbish Rescue is designed to teach kids on how to dispose of the waste they produce.  Rubbish Rescue is all about dragging waste into their proper disposal bin.

The game has two modes. The first is designed with a standard home setup in mind, with only a garbage and recycling bin. Players must quickly identify the rubbish as it falls from the top of the screen, and sort it as either recyclable or trash by dragging the rubbish into the proper bin. As the game gets played, more rubbish fills the screen, forcing players to identify and sort quicker in order to manage it all.

The second mode is similar to the first, but is based on recycling stations commonly seen in cafeterias. It has 4 bins, one for papers, one for recyclables, one for composting organic waste, and finally one for things that have to be thrown out. The goal is to help sort the your recyclables and maybe encourage kids to start setting up a compost at their home as well.

 Compete with your friends for a high-score!